iCsee-How to Setup 24 Hours Recording for the Camera?




  • Elio Luthi

    My iCsee application doesen't have the "Record Switch" option in advanced settings.
    How can I get my camera to continuously record instead of recording only when the Human detection sensor triggers the record?

     The SD car is installed properly. The device ir running the latest firmare version, Software V1.01.LITEOS...

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  • Sylwester Bieniek

    My camera do not record. The smart alarm is not doing the recording when the motion is detected. Message is sent but no snapshot nor recording. 

    The card is working as the manual snapshot or manual recording is working as expected.

    Can you help on this? Without motion detection and recording to the storage on the card the camera make no sense for me.

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  • Killroync

    How can how can I record my video feed on a local hard drive and if that is not possible is there a bundle cloud package for multiple cameras thank you 

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  • media Hankerson

    Killroync Did you ever find a way to record to local HD?

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